SYZYGY Brain-1

An open-source FPGA platform supporting Syzygy.


Xilinx Zynq FPGA
1 GiB DDR3
3x SYZYGY Standard Ports
1x SYZYGY Transceiver Port
SD Slot
Gb Ethernet

The SYZYGY Brain-1 is an open-source hardware SYZYGY Compatible carrier designed, manufactured, and sold by Opal Kelly. Features and specifications include:

SYZYGY Compatibility Table

Parameter Port A (STD) Port B (XCVR) Port C (STD) Port D (STD)
Port Type Standard Transceiver Standard Standard
Single-Width Single-Width Double-Width Capable
Total 5V Supply Current 2.5 A (shared with USB +5V output)
Total 3.3V Supply Current 2 A shared 2 A shared
VIO Supply Voltage Range 1.2V to 3.3V
Total VIO Supply Current 4 A (VIO Group 1) 4 A (VIO Group 2)
Port Groups Group 1: A Group 2: B, C, D
I/O Count 28 total (8 DP) 18 total 28 total (8 DP) 28 total (8 DP)
Length Matching 1557 – 2055 mils
DP: ≤10 mils
1079 – 1578 mils
XCVR: ≤10 mils interpair
XCVR: ≤10mils intrapair
2412 – 2505 mils
DP: ≤10 mils
1220 – 1309 mils
DP: ≤10 mils

Price and Availability

Estimated price: $324.95
Available to order now via the Opal Kelly Web Store.