SYZYGY Brain-1

An open-source FPGA platform
supporting Syzygy.


Xilinx Zynq FPGA
1 GiB DDR3
3x SYZYGY Standard Ports
1x SYZYGY Transceiver Port
SD Slot
Gb Ethernet
SYZYGY fills the gap between low speed, low pin-count Digilent PMOD devices and high-performance, high pin-count VITA 57.1 FMC peripherals.
Parameter Port A (STD) Port B (XCVR) Port C (STD) Port D (STD)
Port Type StandardTransceiverStandardStandard
Single-WidthSingle-WidthDouble-Width Capable
Total 5V Supply Current 2.5 A (shared with USB +5V output)
Total 3.3V Supply Current2 A shared2 A shared
VIO Supply Voltage Range1.2V to 3.3V
Total VIO Supply Current4 A (VIO Group 1)4 A (VIO Group 2)
Port GroupsGroup 1: A Group 2: B, C, D
I/O Count28 total (8 DP)18 total 28 total (8 DP) 28 total (8 DP)
Length Matching1557 – 2055 mils DP: ≤10 mils1079 – 1578 mils XCVR: ≤10 mils interpair XCVR: ≤10mils intrapair2412 – 2505 mils DP: ≤10 mils1220 – 1309 mils DP: ≤10 mils
Note: Yes, all of these standards can go down to DC and some can go higher than we have here. This data basically illustrates what we consider to be the "sweet spot" for the interface. Your mileage may vary.


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